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Energy and holistic healing are more popular than ever before as a complementary therapy. This ancient, lost art of healing will put you in a complete relaxed state and speed up any healing your body and mind require and relieves pain 

< Why does A Healing Touch stand out from other treatments >

The natural healing techniques used are thousands of years old, techniques devised by ancient civilisations healers such as the Mayan, Inca, Aztec, Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Japanese masters

In addition to traditional Reiki, depending on your ailment presented or picked up by the holistic therapist , the sessions might include aromatherapy, reflexology, head-neck massage and acupressure

This makes every session unique and tailored to your requirements during each appointment

You can also choose for traditional treatments such as foot, neck, shoulder combination massage, a full body massage or a hot stone massage treatment

*A Healing Touch is fully ensured*


A Healing Touch also offers various excellent healing massage therapies to just relax or treat injury

Full body - Foot - Neck - Shoulders - Back - Head - Deep tissue

Treatments used during Holistic healing sessions

Your treatment will be specific and perfect for your needs

A Healing Touch accommodates for everyone, treatments can be given seated, upright or on a therapy bed

Underage or vulnerable clients must bring a chaperone. Home visits are on request if the client has no means or ability to visit the treatment room.


Reiki & Energy Healing

The significant benefits of Reiki &  energy healing

Reiki/energy healing gives your body a break from the stresses of daily life, it relieves tension and return you to a state of relaxation. Your body is able to heal any damage brought on by stress, injury, disease. The body can stop being stressed and focus on healing itself. It is particularly useful for healing trauma, because the energy that is held in that space after a trauma occurs is of low vibration.

Aura Cleansing/Lifting & Chakra Balancing

The significant benefits of aura cleansing/lifting & chakra balancing

The benefits include the ability to attract more of what you want into your life and being more in tune with the world around you. Most importantly, a cleansed aura and balanced chakra helps you make better choices because you've removed barriers between your authentic self, needs, emotions, wants, negativity and ego of others which are not about you or serve you in any way.



Sound, Aromatherapy & Crystal Healing

The significant benefits of sound/scent  &  crystal healing

Sound, music, crystals, natural scents and oils can be effective healers for a range of mental, emotional, and even physical ailments, and has been a valuable treatment for several conditions such as: Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, aches and pains, regulate blood pressure, reduce stress, lessen mood swings, lower cholesterol, PTSD, reduced risk of artery disease.


The proven benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet, hands, ears to stimulate our organs. It's also known as zone therapy. With increase circulation and organ function, your body starts to fire on all cylinders, which is why a reflexology massage can actually increase your metabolism. As amazing as it sounds, a it can therefore result in increased energy, and make it easier to shed weight


Indian Head Massage

Established benefits of Indian head massage

This ancient technique of stress and pain relief has been around for thousands of years and is still a popular holistic treatment. Indian head massage offers a variety of benefits. 

A head massage helps to relieve stress and reduces tension. It also eases migraines and headache pain, it lowers lower blood pressure, improves vascular circulation to your head and neck, and in many cases promote hair growth.



Deep Tissue Massage 

The benefits of deep tissue massage

Ideal to relieve neck, back and joint pains.

Deep tissue massage will work out the knots from stressed, overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to alleviate immediate pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. It also promotes faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. The application of deep tissue massage and stimulation of pressure points can have amazing long lasting effects on pain and movement

Client Testimonials

Many more reviews and client recommendations found on Facebook 


“Never had a Reiki or holistic healing session, as a man I found it hard to try and accept holistic healing. Angelo was very professional and my anxiety and stress disappeared after the session! I will be back”
Tim - Stockton

“I went for a Reiki healing to relax, Angelo picked up on my knee issue, I wasn't able to use my knee properly since birth. After a few sessions I have now full mobility in my knee and no more pain, thank you”
Laura - Middlesbrough

“Amazing experience, total relaxation”
Alice - Ingleby Barwick

“Angelo is an amazing and gifted healer, he picked up on my bad shoulder the moment I walked in. I had shoulder pain for months, after one treatment my pain has gone ”
Nicky - Billingham 

"I have had some aura work done by Angelo, he was spot on, scarily spot on sensing my ailments, incredible"
Hannah - Norton

"Went for aura and chakra work, it was amazing, I could feel energy coming out my feet just wow. Honestly a gorgeous experience, jus magical how powerful energy healing can be"
Becky - Middlesbrough
"I can't praise Angelo enough and would actively encourage anyone who has issues with pain and movement to have some healing from him.. My daughter has limited range of movement in her joints and experiences pain on an almost daily basis, due to fibromyalgia and hyper-mobility. Following a session of psychic reiki healing, she showed a staggering improvement in her range of movement and was actually able to sit cross-legged for the first time ever. Absolutely amazing. Emilia was really pleased to say the least by her results. Very impressed & we Would definitely recommend" 
Scott & family - Middlesbrough

"Had a complimentary session with Angelo tonight. I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. He was so lovely, calm and friendly, and immediately put me at ease. He was very honest saying that most of my chakras were aligned due to the yoga that I practice. He picked up on various issues that I have and explained how he thinks he could help. It was a lovely relaxing experience and I came out feeling calm and positive. I have already booked in to see him again."
Kirsty - Ingleby Barwick

"Wow! First session today and I had to process this amazing session! I honestly didn't know what to expect, from walking in the room it was the most calmest environment ever. Angelo has got a serious skill and is born for this job he is totally fantastic, Angelo pin pointed my back pain, I'm moving much more freely now with no pain! As well as a few things Angelo was telling me that was going through my head - which were absolutely true!! Amazing talent, nothing to loose with so much to gain. As a mother as well as balancing the working life and everything else I have 0 time for me, this is amazing to switch off and think about and look after yourself (for once) Honest thank you, Cannot wait to return"
Rachel - Ingleby Barwick

"I had my first session with Angelo tonight what a lovely genuine and down to earth guy he made me feel very relaxed and welcoming and I have to say the experience was first class! Angelo pointed out were I have pain and worked on those areas achilles tendonitis which I've had for over 2 years. I also have lower back pain over the last few months due to my job working outdoors over the years has took its toll on my body and knees. Angelo found the areas of pain where I suffer from with out me telling him were I have pain I was amazed at his findings I can honestly say I feel like a lot of pressure and stress from my head and body has been lifted from me and that's just after a 30 minute session! it's the best de stress I've had in years I can highly recommend Angelo and his healing powers to anybody that needs to de stress, suffers from body pain, anxiety and needs help with having positive thinking in a relaxed state of mind I look forward to more sessions with Angelo and healing my battered body, thanks for a great experience will see you soon"
Chris - Ingleby Barwick

" I recommend Angelo 100%, he did a lot of healing on my daughter who was going through a difficult time and struggling emotionally. The difference in her even the first day of healing was unbelievable. Angelo was very caring and understanding in a really professional way."
Claire - Teesside 

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